Client Reviews

Concierge Service

Blake Budden is the ultimate in the trade. If you want the best results with the easiest experience while selling your property, Blake is your man. As a retired real estate broker, I'm hard to please, and I think he was brave to take on our assignment. We needed a knowledgeable, experienced realtor with a strong work ethic, and a ready network of skilled helpers and professionals who could tend to every detail in preparing our house for sale after we relocated out of the Northwest. Blake enthusiastically took ownership of the project from the get-go.

First he educated us on the unique market conditions that Shoreline is currently experiencing - a market so swift and competitive that it creates opportunities for well-informed sellers that I had never encountered in my real estate experience, with multiple offers on properties that are properly priced for their age, condition and amenities, and we discussed pricing.

Blake's approach is what I call Concierge Service. Just like a good concierge in a high-class hotel, he arranges everything that you request, in addition he thinks of small details that you might not notice that are needed. He takes his duties as your agent as if your sale was his own property to sell. Together we developed a plan that included polishing up the house to show what I call its "good bones" and highlighting its best aspects, then pricing it appropriately. Then he introduced us to the workers who would do the work for us - they were skilled, efficient, cheerful, and prompt. We signed up with Blake, ordered a moving van, and began to pack.

On moving day, the moving truck driver began the day by tangling the truck in a power line that ran from our house to a pole across the street, pulling our electric mast out of our roof, damaging the meter box and electric entrance box beyond repair, causing a fire safety situation that required that the power be cut off that day. Blake was on the spot in 15 minutes making arrangements to take care of the damage. The loading went forward while Blake hired an electrician to cut the power and make the repairs.

Later that day a previously undiscovered chimney problem was revealed that Blake attended to as well. Like a true concierge, he made all arrangements for the needed repairs seamlessly. At no point did we need to take any action ourselves - Blake simply informed us what was necessary and who would do the work, and obtained our approval. We took our luggage to Seatac and flew out to NY the next morning. For the next 40 days, during which the first fifteen days the power was out, work was being done on the property and we did not have to concern ourselves at all, Blake treated our house as his own and he kept us informed every day about the status of the repairs and preparation work.

By the time the house was ready to list, Blake and I had adjusted our opinions about the appropriate price several times, as the market was moving so swiftly and sale prices of comparable properties went up by about 10% between our first meeting together in late April to the listing date in late June. Blake's recommendations were right on, the house was listed, seven days and many showings later we had multiple offers, and were delighted to accept an offer that was 11% above our asking price, the sale closed just 4 days later.

We are youngish elders in our 80's who have bought and sold several homes in our 58 years together, and this is the last time we sell a house. It has been, without a doubt, the best experience in real estate sales that we have ever had, all thanks to selecting Blake Budden to manage the sale for us. We are truly delighted that Blake came into our lives. For a rewarding and smooth buying or selling experience, I urge you to talk to Blake, you'll be glad you did! We wish him the very best and continued success in his chosen career; it can only get better and better, Blake.

-Kelli and Jonathan Rossie

Best Real Estate Experience Ever

Blake helped us to sell our house in Shoreline and purchase a house in Bothell. We've gone through the buying/selling process a few times and this was BY FAR our best experience ever.

Blake was completely on top of getting our house sold, and got it done within a few days on market with 5 offers and $50k over list price. We really credit that sale to his knowledge and expertise--he gave us great recommendations for packing certain items ahead of time, rearranging rooms to make the "flow" more appealing, making repairs that he knew buyers would request, etc. He even thought to have us provide our inspection report to all interested parties, which caused almost all offers to waive it completely. I know that there's no way our house would have sold (especially for the price it did) with any other realtor.

If that wasn't enough, Blake's quick thinking and ability to take advantage of a sale that had just fallen through allowed us to jump on an amazing house in our ideal neighborhood. We looked at a lot of homes in a very short time frame (he even took time to view places while we were at work to shorten the list), but with the extremely hot market it is so difficult to buy. Again, I am confident that we NEVER would have gotten our new house, especially for the price and without a bidding war, without Blake thinking on his feet and working in our best interest.

We would recommend Blake to anyone searching for a new home or looking to sell their current house, regardless of the location. Whether you're more experienced or a first-timer, his patience, expertise, and extremely strong work ethic will make the process so much easier and more enjoyable. Thank you Blake!!

-Sarah and Kyle Waterhouse

First-Time Homebuyer

Blake helped my husband and me purchase our first home in the Shoreline area. We were first time buyers and had so many questions before even going out on our first visit to a home. Blake was extremely knowledgeable of the home buying process and gave us tips for how to put our 'best face' forward when applying for pre-approval during this hot seller's market.

Although we were under a deadline to move, we never felt pressured by Blake at any point in the home buying process. He showed us many, many homes over the course of several weeks and was very patient with us as we asked what I'm sure are very basic home buying questions. I liked that he provided an iPad as we toured the homes so that we could keep track of what we did/did not like about them - after a while all the homes seemed to blur together, so it was helpful to go back to the notes as a reference.

We decided to make an offer on our house on the afternoon of a holiday weekend, and Blake knew that we should act fast. He drew up the contract and came over at 9 pm that night to walk us through it, and was again so patient with us as we took several hours asking all of our questions before putting in the offer. Thanks to his quick advice, the offer was accepted the next day.

Blake also is very well connected. We asked him for resources for how to find a contractor to repair an item that the inspector found, how to get the gas line extended to our house, and how to choose a home inspector (among other questions). He knew whom to contact and was always very prompt in getting us this information.

Buying a house can be a very stressful and time consuming experience - especially as a first time buyer - but Blake's expertise and calm demeanor helped make the whole process go so smoothly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the Seattle area looking to buy or sell their home.

-Nicole and Jason Novak